Ram Wear

Purchase Ram Wear, PE Uniforms, or Athletic Wear from BSN Sports.

In the future, school uniforms may be purchased online through BSN Sports. More details coming soon!

PE Uniforms

Don’t forget to order your PE uniform through BSN Sports (5th-8th Grades).


BCS Uniform colors are changing to reflect the information below. If you currently have previous colors, your child(ren) may continue wearing them. Colors that will be fazed out over the next few years are: navy, light blue, navy plaid, and hunter plaid.

Uniform Shirts:

  • Maroon, white, black, light gray
  • Shirts must have a collar (e.g. polo, oxford, peter pan, turtle neck)

Uniform Bottoms:

  • Black and khaki (khaki is closest to tan, not bone or military green)
  • Boys: shorts or pants
  • Girls: Pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, jumpers (no shorter than 2″ above knee)
  • No knit/stretchy/spandex pants or shorts are allowed.

Active wear:

  • May be worn in the classroom in the school’s 4 approved colors
  • Includes Sweaters, sweater vests, hoodies, sweatshirts (free of logos or writing except for BCS logo or Ram Wear logo)

Lands’ End

  • 300x100_lesu_wdgUniforms are available from Land’s End. Girls may wear polo dresses in any uniform color, and school approved (burgundy/gray plaid) jumpers or skirts. The only purchases that must be made from Land’s End are plaids and/or clothing with the BCS logo. (Bible Center School is a member of the Lands’ End Preferred School Program).
  • Due to copyright laws, the BCS logo must not be altered and must not be reproduced.