Technology Vision 2020

Great things are happening at Bible Center School!

  • Our annual fundraiser will be held on Thursday, March 14th, from 6:00-7:30 PM
  • We’re taking students to the next level in their learning experience through new technologies like 3D printing and AR/VR tools.
  • Please join us for a night of fun and for the opportunity to see and experience these new resources firsthand.

We welcome your donations & support – thank you!

Parents, Friends, Family

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Business Partners

  • If you would like to be recognized as a Business Partner, and enjoy some visibility with the our school community through our sponsorship/advertising venues, just let us know and we’ll reach out and connect with you to support this vision and your business.
  • We also welcome any legacy donations or support from individuals or businesses who feel moved to help underwrite one of these labs.  Just connect with me anytime and we will find a way to advance this vision together

Thank you!

  • Everyone makes a difference.
  • It takes a team.
  • We are proud to walk together with you on this journey!

Stephanie Schafer, Principal

Save the Date

See the three short video demos below

  • Each is just 5 minutes and shares an amazing preview of what is ahead!

Video: zSpace AR/VR

  • zSpace is an exciting new AR/VR, augmented reality and virtual reality learning platform.
  • It will allow us to supplement every aspect of our curriculum in every grade with the amazing new experiences that this technology can provide.
  • This will greatly amplify the learning experience of our students and equip them in a meaningful way for what’s ahead.

Video: MakerBot 3D Printing

  • Makerbot is the largest provider of 3D printers in the world – they also run the world’s largest 3D design services community.
  • Their commitment to STEM education has made them the number one platform for 3D printing solutions, in use at over 7,000 schools today.
  • Makerbot opens the doors for our students to imagine, create, iterate and grow.
  • Their learning becomes more immersive through sight and touch.
  • This helps our students of today, become the innovators of tomorrow.

Video: Raspberry Pi / Coding

  • The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects.
  • We plan to create a semester long curriculum for the Raspberry Pi lab, where students can journey through the experience of building their own computer, install the operating system and various software packages and programs.
  • They then move on to create their own special project, for example, writing some code, automating a task, controlling a robot, or making any number of interesting creations.
  • This gives them a solid foundation in a variety of computer, programming, and creative design experiences.