Terra Nova Assessment

Terra NovaTerraNova 3 national norms were developed from a standardizing group of 200,000 public and private school students (mostly public) that represented the US population of students. This is a very accurate comparison. Parents can be assured that the national percentiles, stanines, scale scores, and normal curve equivalents are comparisons with the national population of students, the majority being public school students. You can also be assured that the local (ACSI) scores are comparisons with the entire population of ACSI member school students.

TerraNova 3 provides a thorough assessment of all major content areas, not just math and reading, which is what is covered by many state tests. The norm-referenced and criterion-referenced scores also provide a great deal of information not available with state tests. The Objective Performance Index provides schools with detailed diagnostic information that helps them know where specific weaknesses in individual students and groups reside. We believe this information can be extremely helpful in focused instruction.

ACSI and other major accreditation agencies require standardized testing, and TerraNova 3 is highly recommended for this purpose. State-mandated tests often provide performance level scores, usually 4 or 5, indicating general mastery for each content area. TerraNova 3 also provides this information.

We believe that ACSI’s student assessment program will provide a plethora of diagnostic information for BCS. This, along with live and recorded webinars, will allow us to realistically connect assessment to instruction and truly help our students grow academically.

ACSI Letter to Parents

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